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pretty cool

I'm going to sleep

i thought it could have a better script, but the game itself is good, great graphics and gameplay and I liked that we can take the glass and leave the fridge open

A nice lil short game with some good jumpscares. The head bobbing and FOV made me pretty motion sick though. 

Nice short horror game. I got scared in the end that was funny!

Had a good scare with your game bruh. That's all it takes for a little indie game like this man so thanks, Here's my playthrough with some other games

This game got me a few times .  Very good game! Hope to see more by you .  Your game is second and start at 04:00

At first I did not understand what to do, I wandered around for 1-2 minutes and realized that we had to fill the glass with water. I would find it easier if there was some text at the top or bottom of the screen telling us what to do.

Other than what I said, you did the game really good.

I need to start taking melatonin or something...

that thing is SO SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!

First game to the video, and what a start to my 3 scary games it was!

Really enjoyable game, the jumpscares really got me, it was a nightmare to play (in the good way).

Check out my video.

i woke up... 

What is that thing

This one definitely made me uneasy the entire time. Haven't actually screamed like that from a game in a bit. Good job! Check out my video if you would like to see my reaction!

NO lie this game is mad shit don't play unless you wanna cum in your panties from excitement

A very fun and spooky game to play, would definitely recommend this! 

I had a good time with this game! It was really creepy and it got me a couple times! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here!



I had goosebumps pretty much the whole time.

Just crapped my pants playing this game.

gave me a good night scare

Awesome game! The jumpscare at the end got me WAY more than I'd like to admit :P

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Played your game starting at 6:05 in this video. The jumpscares got me good. It was very enjoyable! I can't wait to see what else you have coming up!


The rooms in this game felt a little empty but I assumed it was because I was in a dream and things aren't usually as they seem. This game got me with jumpscares a few times and I enjoyed it a lot! 

You got me twice! Well done, short and sweet c:

pretty cool experience! 

not sure if i can sleep normally bro

Short n to the point, loved it!

Good game.

Wonderful and creepy game :)

That jumpscare got me! I almost knocked over my greenscreen lol. Great short little game, I enjoyed this one. Thanks for sharing!

Cool game! Had some good jumpscares!

Very simple yet effective scares

Would definitely have loved some more of this monster in the game! But this was still a fun time!

This deer is big and large and his breath stink.

Very good scares throughout the game. You did a good job in capturing what its like to be stuck in a nightmare that you cant seem to be able to wake up from. 


Fun, scared the shit out of my bro. Good game, dude!

the Tension ,the Great jump scares but my heart loved it ,the game got me good,9/10.

Needs more lore | more items | more Detail  to the map

pretty good

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