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Very nice game! really enjoyed it! :)

Loved it!

Jamás te esperas el final. Juégalo ya por favor!

The game managed to make me feel overwhelmed by darkness, low visibility and ambient sounds the further I went, well done. Good job!

Short and Creepy

Nice horror!

This Game Was Good, Easy to play, Scares Were Awesome, The Monster Looked Awesome.

Fantastic!  great scares and monsters!  Great fun!

Played at 06:43. The audio was fantastic on this game!

Wish the catacombs had been fleshed out a bit, different rooms, maybe some notes to pad out the lore etc would have been a great touch.

Otherwise an enjoyable scary game!

Check out my video.

nice game

I love it, very scary

such a great game!! I love the atmosphere and how claustrophobic everything felt and the jumpscare REALLY got me I loved it!! if you wanna see my blind reaction here you go! it's the first game!!!

This was such an awesome, but spooky experience! I love the flashing lights, it did hurt after a while, but it really added to the tension! The scares throughout were just fantastic! Great job! 

I really hope this awesome game gets longer so we can have a real competitor for The Crypt Terror. A really great game but it is too short.


I loved the game! Subscribe if you enjoy, played it here: 

The atmosphere was absolutely amazing and the design is so well done. This is a horrifying experience for sure.

The Catacombs was effective in driving a deeply unsettling atmosphere through both its well crafted sound design, and its dark, detailed environment.



Great short little scary game! I love the catacombs as a place for horror. Those door sound effects actually jumpscared me a bit too lol. Thanks for sharing!

I played this on my YouTube channel. If you're interested in checking it out, click this link here!

The first game that I played, and it was terrifying! Genuinely unnerving the entire time. Well Done!


Really enjoyed the creeps and the art design. Had a small issue finding the secret path, but I guess it was meant to be secret.

This was a short and sweet horror game


I will be streaming this today sometime around 4-5 PM EST =D.

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expected places

A bit jank, but still got me in the least expected places

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check me out help me grow tell me in the comments if you enjoyed the gameplay i post daily 3 games a day or 7 games a day tell me in the comment wat game should i play next and help me hit 500 subscribers i only need need 3 more subs to reach my goal then once i reach that it will be 600 help a brother out and i enjoyed the game Ludzik can't wait to play more amazing games coming from you keep up the good work. 

What a neat little game ! Atmosphere was great, variation in tension was awesome. Also, chewing sounds were good

I made a video on your game if you would like to give it a watch :)

Very creepy little game, good work :)

Solid, pretty creepy.

Cool short horror game

Thankyou Unity for making such a cool but SCARY short game! I wish it was longer i was getting so into it dam..:(

Cool game! 

10/10 (:

pretty cool little game, super creepy!

This was such a creepy game. Great work! 

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Apparently I forgot to let you know I played your game! I thought I posted here but I guess not.

It's really good, very spooky, you certainly have the tension and release cycle figured out! very excited to see what your next horror games look like!  

I loved it! keep up the good work!

You can click on my thumbnail there and it will take you to my youtube video if would like to hear my thoughts!

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It's a link to my youtube video.


I understand that. We have an automated YouTube embed system that you can see on every other comment by YouTubers. My question is why you are using an image that looks like the embed that we generate?

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I make it look like the embeds, So that people understand that it's a link to my video.  Seemed like the best way to help people understand it will bring them to my video, is to use similar language to what's being used on all the other ones.  It helps people understand that the picture is a link, that does exactly what it says it does "Activate Youtube".

If I didn't make it clear that the picture was a link to YouTube it would seem dishonest.

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But if you're worried about confusion I'll put a note in the comment with the picture/link

Edit: it now says in the same comment as the picture that it is a link to my youtube video of the game, in case the creator would like to hear my thoughts on the game.

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It feels disorienting with the small amount of light and the cave structure, which add unease as you try to find your way out. A very good and eerie atmosphere you created. Solid game.

Good work! I had a lot of fun, the atmosphere was spooky, the sudden slamming of the door got me a bit, and it was overall a fun experience.
I think for a future game, try to maybe do a different ending then the "jumpscare to the players face" type; it's a common trope in beginner indie horror, and you seem to have a great sense for creating a horror setting, so I bet you could come up with a great ending!
Keep up the good work, can't wait to see what else you make!

Pretty scary game! Had me anxious throughout the catacombs!

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